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Whether you’re a tech professional looking for a great place to work and live, or a company looking to create a new tech centre or team, this is certain — Portugal is the right choice.

Portugal Tech Hub is an open alliance of public and private organisations committed to help you establish in our beautiful country.

Portugal as your next tech destination

Due to its unique cultural and work characteristics, Portugal has shown up in the past years as a top destination for both tech talent and the organizations that need them. Great tech talent, high english proficiency, timezone compatibility, open working culture, affordable costs and excellent safety and stability conditions contribute to this effect.

A large number of relevant international companies have set up tech teams and development centres in Portugal recently, a lot of them helped by Landing.Jobs, AICEP and other organizations with all the legal, talent acquisition and management topics.

Why Portugal?

Top tech talent

➔ High English proficiency (7th among 100 countries);

➔ #1 destination for Digital Nomads;

➔ Top work ethic and multiculturality

Affordable costs

➔ Below average renting prices;

➔ Average salary of a developer: 44.449€;

➔ Lunch: 5-12€, beer: 1-2€

➔ Tax benefits for expats

Quality of life

➔ 6th in the Global Peace Index 2022;

➔ 4th Top Expat Destination Worldwide;

➔ 1st in Quality of Life (Expat Insider 2019);

➔ Lisbon – 4th place in Quality of Urban Living Index 2020

When developing expansion plans we identified Lisbon as a hotspot for the skills and expertise we need to complete our teams and support our research publishing.

Jan-Erik de Boer

Chief Information Officer at Springer Nature

I wanted to have an experience in an international company (…) I chose Portugal because it stood out as one of the best destinations.

Pedro Rougemont

Senior Software Engineer at OutSystems

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